When the Problem Is not Really the Problem

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Every relationship has had, is having or will have challenges and conflict at some point during its life span. During the time in which two people decide to engage with each other, many things will happen and one of them is the inevitable surface of different kinds of conflict.

I Know, I know.. when you met him everything was laughter and happiness, dreams and possibilities, life was beautiful and you could not be happier. You felt exhilarated and lucky that this man was also in love with you…. Now a few years later probably the story is somehow different, or very different in fact.

My clients usually ask me What is the problem? .. What has happened? Well…let me tell you that most likely many things have happened not only a single one. Have you ever heard the expression “When it rains, it pours”?

Most likely the problem you are “seeing” or “feeling” in your relationship is hardly the problem at all… Usually what is felt in the relationship is the result, the pain, the hassle and or the discomfort of the real problem that always lies beneath the surface of what couples can “see”.

The beliefs we hold about marriage and about relationships, the ideals we have in our heads about how life should look like if we have a good relationship, usually have an enormous impact in our ability to feel happy and satisfied within that partnership.

So the main objective is not to judge the conflict, or attack the problem, nor fix the issue. The objective is to understand what the real issue actually is and how we, as human beings, are contributing to causing this in our lives. Taking personal responsibility and focusing on fixing our part first even before you start complaining about what someone else does or is not doing.

If you apply these principles I can assure you, you will feel the difference.

To your Infinite
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Erika Ferenczi



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