Understanding Your Gift

“Destiny is no matter of chance.
It is a matter of choice.
It is not a thing to be waited for,
it is a thing to be achieved.”
~ William Jennings Bryan

Are you an Entrepreneur? Then you are subject to:


It’s Exhausting, Frustrating, and Money-draining.

This is how it starts:

You realize your financial stability and security are into someone else’s hands—maybe a husband’s, maybe a partner’s, maybe someone else’s—then you wake up and realize how much your dependency is impacting your well being , your family and your world. You decide you want to change that. You decide you want your own financial independence. You decide you want to make your own money. You decide you want a better a life. So naturally, you become an entrepreneur. You have a big dream, a bigger vision, and an even greater desire to become successful. Fantastic!

Maybe you define your niche, you take your courses, you choose the name of your business, you create the website, and finally, you put the “open for business” sign outside the door. But then, things do not go as you envisioned them. Where are the clients? Where is the money? Why isn’t it happening?

You’re spending more money than you’re making. You start having problems at home. You and your partner start having heated discussions about money, about how you are spending your time, about traveling, about the kids. Your energy starts to drop. You begin to doubt if you’re even doing the right thing.

This is the thing, I am going to tell it to you straight. Business is about up-leveling. In order to be successful, you have to spend the money, the time, and the effort, all those people who have told you it is going to be easy… forget about that and go get a job. Now the other truth is that if you are doing what you love, it is worth every single minute you put into it, because is what you love to do, because it is the essence of who you are.

Now back to business, what also happens is that every time you UP-level (or attempt to), you get heat from your partner. After awhile you’ll start feeling guilty for putting in the time and money that’s necessary to help your business succeed. You’ll feel guilty for leaving the kids, too. All sorts of arguments and situations start to happen.

Up until this point, you did not anticipate how much your home environment would play a role in your success and financial freedom.

It’s the Bouncing Ball Syndrome. It’s:

It’s time to do something about it—it’s time to Decode the Dynamics that are stopping you from achieving your dream. Your freedom, your children, your bank account, your life is depending on it.

Let’s Decode the Dynamics:
  • Raise that consciousness with which you are operating on a daily basis, so the results around you start to be different.
  • Stop the guilt of pursuing your dream and make that dream a reality.
  • It’s about regaining your power, about taking a stand, about rocking your world. It’s living your life the way you want to.
  • It’s about how to stop believing in a fairy tale dream. Things won’t get better by magic. Things will get better by stepping into your power and your own decision to change your situation and change it now!
  • It’s about becoming an inspiration for you, for your kids, for your family, and for the world.
  • It’s about stop waiting for others to change. It’s about YOU changing your world.
  • It’s about becoming a beacon of light in your life and in your community. It’s about inspiring others, making a difference, and earning the money you need and desire. It’s about getting paid for your passion.
  • This is your dream, your desire, your purpose, and your mission. It’s your right!

Stop struggling. We’ll help you get your life back in order. Together, we’ll zone in on your current situation and we’ll focus on what needs to happen. We’ll help you take action.

Stop the Bouncing Ball Syndrome.

Another Truth: Your life and your business are interconnected. Business is never an “OR” problem. It’s always an “AND” problem. Business is not only about the external (marketing, blogging, pricing, the website, etc, etc.), but business also encompasses the internal, or who you are (your confidence, your insecurities, your environment, your intimate partner, your belief systems, YOU, YOU, and YOU).

Business is an “AND” issue:

  • In spite of doing everything you can to grow your business, are the fruits of your labor not coming in as fast as you expected?
  • Do you bounce back, full of ideas and motivation, only to eventually get dragged back into a low energy level, blame, conflict, and/or arguments?
  • You came up with a new idea, a new tool, and you begin implementing it into your business. You’re so excited…but then, BAM, another argument and another problem at home, someone gets sick, money gets tight, or another problem strikes unexpectedly?

These are all problems related to the Bouncing Ball Syndrome.

When you bounce a ball, you initially put a large amount of energy to get the ball moving. However, as time passes by, the force decreases each time the ball bounces. Eventually, the force and movement reach zero. The overall effect is deceleration, and finally, stillness.

As a business owner, it’s the same: you put in the energy to start your business. You may even go to a couple of seminars or motivational events. However, when you go home, you go back to a certain environment that causes your force to decrease exponentially until you eventually stop, you start to give up without even noticing.

You Gotta Change the Pattern!

Whether you like it or not, the issues in your personal life are directly linked to the amount of money you make, the amount of business you get, and the transformation that you’re able to offer your own clients.

You can have a business that thrives and grows, a loving and caring relationship, and the life you want. You can truly have it all.
But you need to know how to do it, get the support and the inner understanding to make the transformation to make it happen.

At Decode the Dynamics, we can help you:
  • Overcome the inner blocks to implement the outer tools
  • Implement long lasting solutions to the problems you experience
  • Balance your outer goals with your inner desires
  • Stop the guilt and the double guessing which will lead you to give up.
  • Deal with your own shortcomings so you can identify those in your clients
  • Stop avoiding the difficult conversations (either at home or with your clients) so you can keep the money rolling in
  • Increase your confidence, your certainty and your motivation.
  • Get paid for what you love doing
  • Get clear insight on what is stopping you and why it’s stopping you
  • Overcome all these obstacles and more with specific tools that meet your individual needs

Whether you like it or not, the issues in your personal life are directly linked to the amount of money you make, the amount of business you get, and the transformation that you’re able to offer to your own clients.

In short, you’ll receive:

  • More Confidence
  • More Clarity
  • More Energy
  • More Love
  • More Money
  • More Freedom!


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