The Power of Transformation

Discover How to Eliminate Relationship Conflict & Become the Strong, Confident, Unstoppable Woman You Need to Be to
Thrive in Every Area of Your Life!

Relationship Conflict Can Throw Up Roadblocks Preventing Us
from Achieving the Success & Happiness We Desire,
Often Without Us Even Realizing It…

Find Out Below How to Free Yourself from Conflict, Arguments &
Transform Your Life into One Filled
With Infinite Possibilities, Passion & Purpose!

Don’t Give Up On Your Relationship… & Your Dreams
You Really Can Have it All!

So many people today are not living the incredible lives that they could be living due to relationship conflict.

If you are reading this, maybe you are one. If so, I hope that you will get comfortable, eliminate distractions and read this entire page as I firmly believe that what I have to say here could help you quickly start living the life of your dreams.

Now let me ask you – are you tired of settling?

Are you fed up with waiting for someone in your life to change?

Is conflict with a partner seeping over into other areas of your life and preventing you from being truly happy or truly successful?

If so, you are not alone. Unfortunately, many of us don’t even realize the damage relationship conflict is causing in our lives.

iStock Woman Unhappy 20878377 The Power of Transformation %Category Just think about it – How much of your life is spent in arguments, conflict and frustration?. Now think about how many of those arguments, conflicts and frustration is due to a personal relationship?

Now think about this – How long have you been trying to change the situation by trying to get your partner to change?

It’s a trap many of us fall into and it often ends up leaving us feeling frustrated and feeling like our dream life is so far away it’s beyond all possibility.

But here’s the thing – being happy and successful is absolutely NOT about making someone else change who they are. That simply DOES NOT WORK.

Have you ever tried to change an undesirable habit?

It’s difficult isn’t it?

Now imagine how difficult it is to get someone to change something they are not even interested in changing.

It’s time to stop wasting your time and energy trying to get someone else to change so you can finally be happy or have a beautiful life or make those financial decisions you need to make.

It’s time to stop asking for permission to live the life that you desire … that is the complete wrong approach!

So, What Can You Do to Live a Life Filled With Unlimited
Possibilities, Passion & Purpose?
What Can You Do to “Own Your World”?

Glad you asked! Hello, my name is Erika Ferenczi and I specialize in helping women transform themselves in order to transform their relationships and their world.

 The Power of Transformation %Category

In other words, I help women go from Victimhood and Conflict to Confidence, Clarity, Strength, Passion, Empowerment and Purpose.


It is what I love to do and it is what I’m very good at… so good in fact, that I’ve been able to make it my full-time job. I’ve already helped countless women around the world and I’m confident I can help you as well.

So just imagine feeling without a doubt that you are in the right place, doing exactly what you are supposed to do in the world, and that without a doubt you are living your best life, being your best self, and motivating your children and those around you to do the same.

  • Imagine running a thriving business and spending time in an environment that is full of connection.
  • Imagine finally being able to stop that emotional roller coaster and develop a deep understanding of your situation and your relationship.
  • Imagine being able to get rid of all the resentment and become truly open to all the good that is in this world.
  • Imagine being free of conflict and having so much more energy, energy that you used to waste on dealing with that conflict, to do whatever you desire.
  • Imagine not having to experience the emotional, psychological and financial pain of breaking up your current relationship just to start all over again.
  • Imagine being clear and confident of exactly what your next step is in your business and relationship and being totally unafraid to take those next steps.

Imagine Being a Strong Confident Woman
Living a Peaceful, Purposeful & Fulfilling Life!

Well, I’m here to tell you that all the above are possible once you stop focusing on others, stop waiting for your partner to change and turn your attention to yourself.

You need to shift your thinking and quit trying to change the circumstances around you, as those circumstances are really only a reflection of what is going on inside of you. If you want to change the reality around you, you have to change who you are on the inside. You have to change your perceptions about yourself and the world around you.

Does any of the following sound familiar to you:

  • You are dissatisfied because you do not feel “in Love” any more
  • You feel sad and lonely because the emotional connection has faded from your relationship
  • You feel underappreciated and taken for granted by your partner
  • Conflict, arguments and doubts are undermining your ability to create the life that you desire
  • You feel disempowered in your relationship
  • Lately your relationship is more of a “Power Struggle” than a loving dance
  • You’re thinking that the only solution may be to break up your relationship
  • You’re aware of the emotional, psychological and financial costs of divorce and wish there was another solution

Well, there is another solution to ALL of the above:

  • STOP Settling
  • STOP Living Your Life According to Another’s Rules
  • STOP Living a Life You Are Not Excited to Live
  • STOP Waiting for Someone Else to Change and Focus on YOU

You were put in this world for full expression, to serve your purpose, to help this world become more, be more, have more, love more … everyone is here for a reason and that is for MORE LIFE, if you settle for less than that you are going against what you were put here to do….

That’s Why You Need to Act!

If your relationship is in bad shape … YOU NEED TO ACT.

This is no time to stay on the sidelines, because a relationship crisis does not simply go away, if you do not do anything it will get worse.And whether you realize it or not, a bad personal relationship can AFFECT EVERYTHING in your life – including your Health, your Business, the quality of your Life, the Energy and Desire you have to enjoy your life, the amount of Money you make, Everything!)

The truth is your relationship can be repaired … the conflict can be eliminated from your life.

But you can’t do it alone, You Need Help.

Does this mean you need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on hotels and travel to get to an expert?

Does this mean you have to carve time out of an already busy schedule to meet with an expert?

Does this mean you have to battle traffic and weather to get to a class or session with an expert?

No, No, No. You see I’ve developed a program that contains everything you need to transform yourself and your life – a program that you can complete from the comfort of your home!

INTRODUCING 445x65 The Power of Transformation %Category -
Stop Waiting for Others to Change, Step Up & Become
the Woman Who Can Own Her World!

product image The Power of Transformation %Category

I want you to feel Free, Strong, Empowered, Alive … and in this program that is exactly what I will show you how to do.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t feel all of these things. But so many people live their lives half alive, settling for a life they can’t seem to find a way to change, this program will ensure you are not one of them.

I’ll give you a PROVEN step-by-step system to get rid of damaging internal programming and transform yourself and your relationship so you do not have to live any more feeling undervalued, emotionally alone, discouraged or second-guessing your life.

This program is perfect for you if:

  • You are done waiting for others to change so you can live the life you desire
  • If you are done being afraid and uncertain of what to do about your situation
  • If you want to be able to make clear and strong decisions for your life and for your business
  • If you are tired of needing the approval of other people before you can move forward with what you want to do
  • If you are ready to break free from the emotional bondage
  • If you are ready to get in charge of your own life
  • If you are ready to be Strong, Empowered and Free
  • If you wish nothing for your children more than them being the biggest, fullest, strongest version of themselves they can be, and you understand the only way to do that is for you to do it first
  • If you never want to have the same relationship issues once again, with who ever you are in relationship at the moment
  • If you are ready to get an answer to the question: When is it time to call it quits?

I invite you to stop just surviving and instead start taking charge of your own life. I invite you to end your struggles and Set Yourself Free Once and For All.

Your Life on Your Terms!

In445x65 The Power of Transformation %Categoryyou’ll learn:

  • How to stop blaming your partner and stop needing him or her to change and instead spend your time and energy working on who you are, your ideas, your growth, your beliefs. You’ll get really clear on Who you are, What you want and How to get there.

Soon, your problems will dissipate and you will see
your life transform right in front of your eyes.

What other people do or don’t do won’t bother you.
You’ll gain Strength, Understanding and the Clarity to go after your dreams.

Here’s more of what you’ll learn in this amazing program:

  • How to completely change your situation without changing your partner – I know it sounds impossible but this is really what I’m going to show you how to do!
  • How to identify where your relationship problems first started – you can’t fix something if you don’t first understand it causes!
  • Why you could not prevent the problems in the past and what you can do to prevent them in the future!
  • Where the idea of “Happy Ever After” came from and what it really means for your relationship going forward!
  • How to see your relationship for what it really is – it’s time to take off the rose-colored glasses!
  • How to turn a bad relationship into a good one faster than you ever dared hope possible!
  • How to change a relationship without changing your partner!
  • How to get over past pain and resentment in your relationship and start to move forward!
  • How to tackle your relationship fears and take charge of your destiny!
  • How to learn to say “No” so you can wholeheartedly say “Yes” to what you truly want!
  • The 4 things that cause relationships to fail and how to take these things and turn to your advantage!
  • How to identify relationship stages and then use this knowledge to improve your current relationship!
  • What is the cycle of dependency and how to get out of it!
  • How to establish boundaries in a relationship and then ensure that they are adhered to!
  • The one question all people in relationships should be asking and how to get your answer!

Take a Look at What Others Are Saying
About Me & About This Program:

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“I came to Erika confused and almost without hope for the future of my marriage. I never expected to get so much information. It was amazing how she explained in a very clear way what is happening within me and why I am experiencing even feeling what I am feeling, not only within my marriage but in my life as a whole.

As a result of our work I regained hope and I learned the real things I can change to turn around my experience. This is a no brainer. I feel fortunate to have worked with her.

Thank you Erika, it is a pleasure to have worked with you”

Patricia S.

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“I never imagined how much working with Erika would transform my life. When I started working with her, nothing was working in my life. I had very little income coming in and my relationship was in a very sad situation. I blamed my husband for my unhappiness. I had a short temper and had started to gain the weight I had tried to lose many times. I was sad and had little hope for my future. I was depressed, and worse, I didn’t know what to do.

After a short period of time of working with her, my life totally transformed. I feel more in charge of my destiny than ever before. My relationship, which once seemed doomed, has gotten a new life. My income has more than doubled. I am working at an office I love, doing exactly what I always wanted to do. I even lost weight! I am in awe of all the changes she has helped me made, I can not express with words how grateful and fulfilled I am feeling in my life. I am still asking myself how it’s possible to have such a dramatic transformation in such short period of time! I do not have the answer, but I do know that working with Erika has given me a new and totally different life. Thank you, Erika I will be forever grateful.”

Elisa de la Isla, Mexico.

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“My work with Erika exceeded all my expectations. I never imagined how much what I was doing was what was actually keeping me in the same cycle of conflict and problems in my relationship and my business. She helped me understand and see things I could have never seen on my own. My life and my business have totally sky rocketed thanks to the work we have done together. Thank You Erika, I am forever grateful.”

Emily Mackenzie, 42
New Jersey

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  • 1 Q&A call where you will have the opportunity to be coached directly by me and ask me any questions you may have.
  • PDF transcripts of ALL calls to study, take notes on, circle, highlight, and mark up as you see fit.
  • 45 min one on one coaching call with me to help you with any personal challenges you may have and help you design your new life.

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What I Am Going to Teach You During This Program Can
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The decision is now yours. Will you continue to struggle and muddle through life or will you find out how to transform your life and finally achieve the happiness and success that you’ve been dreaming about for so long.

You know, many people know deep inside that their life could be better but they are also deep down scared to do anything about it … scared of what may not work.

But in this instance, I’m so sure that 445x65 The Power of Transformation %Categorywill work for you that I’m willing to offer the following money-back guarantee:

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Ready to experience 445x65 The Power of Transformation %Category?

If you’re ready to experience the Power of YOUR own Transformation and step into YOUR own Personal Power. If you’re ready to Experience Freedom, Clarity and are Ready to Become that Woman who can Truly Have it All, do not miss out on this opportunity!

Let me be your personal mentor in this area and share what I’ve NEVER revealed before – it is all for you.

Get Access to The Power of Transformation,
Stop waiting for permission to Live the Life you Desire,
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I’m delighted and Honored to be in this journey together.

To your Infinite Happiness, Health, Wisdom & Wealth.

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