Our Perceived Reality… Is it even True??

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percieved reality e1349276190488 Our Perceived Reality… Is it even True?? %CategoryWe all must understand that in every single long-term relationship, the same things that attracts a person to their partner are most likely the areas which will later become the biggest challenges within the relationship.

Why do you believe that is?

We all look at things through our own lenses. Based on our history, upbringing, way of thinking, interpretations, emotions and so on…

In relationships you are dealing with your own perceptions and interpretations of what is going on in your life and what that specific situation you are living means for you. The problem is: He is a different person and has his own views and interpretations of the situation. Guess what??? Most likely both points of view have their grain of truth.

It is crucial to understand that those perceptions and interpretations are yours and yours alone, and they are based on your upbringing, the reality you experienced while growing up and believe it or not, are influenced even by the relationship that your parents had with each other.

Your perceptions are highly influenced by the way you have been accustomed to thinking, based on the “reality” that you regularly perceive. As a result, your mind interprets a “perceived reality” and creates thoughts and interpretations, which in turn provoke the emotions that you feel, which subsequently determine the kind of actions you will take.

As you can tell, this is why it is so important to verify that we have a correct and clear view of what is actually happening. We must understand the dynamics of our marriage and in our life to avoid a “circle of suffering and wrong decisions” that are not only unnecessary, but have no use at all and can absolutely be changed and overcome.

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