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Freedom and Success Inner Circle

Freedom and Success Inner Circle is Erika’s private coaching program for decisive entrepreneurs. In this 6 month program as a Freedom and Success client you will:

  • Tap into the highest level of success energy to become the best version of yourself possible.
  • Know without a doubt why you are doing what you are doing, what you need to get where you want to be, and how to stop at nothing to achieve your dream.
  • Clear all the internal “mumbo jumbo” that is keeping you and your business stagnant.
  • Achieve the confidence and transformation needed to achieve your financial goals.
  • Create a solid foundation for your business, your life, and your future growth.
  • Become an inspiration to those around you, starting first with yourself and your children.
  • Know exactly what got you to where you are and what to do to get to your ultimate destination.
  • Stop blaming those around you for your current situation. You’ll get the tools to re-gain your power and transform your life.
  • Know how to maintain high levels of energy no matter what those around you do or don’t do.
  • Know yourself better than ever and be able to handle all the experiences you need to get through on a daily basis.
  • Get one-on-one support to make decisions quickly and consistently so you can move forward with strength and clarity
  • Have the peace of mind of knowing someone who knows when and how to challenge you to behave, who thinks differently, and who can guide you along in the process.
  • Know you are working with someone who can help you build upon your innate brilliance.
In addition, you’ll:
  • Raise that consciousness with which you are operating on a daily basis, so the results around you start to be different.
  • Transform your fears into your biggest motivators.
  • Tap into your creativity.
  • Feel revitalized, focused, and energized to express your mission and your purpose.
  • Be that person who can charge what she is worth.
  • Regain your personal power.
  • Gain a new level of respect.
  • Increase your confidence.
  • Stop the self-sabotage of your business and your life.
  • Become a magnet to the perfect clients—together we’ll help you figure out where to find them.
  • Release past pain and blame and focus on creation.
  • Release the guilt of pursuing your dream and turn your dream into reality.
  • Step into your power, take a stand for your life and your dreams.

It’s a harsh fact—many people live miserable lives because of the challenges and constant set backs they face in their marriage and personal relationships. They put a lot of time and energy into trying to build their business without getting the results they so desperately dream about.

Most women who’ve experienced this type of scenario wait until they’ve been through several rounds of arguments, setbacks, and challenges in their intimate relationship before they seek help.

You Owe It to Yourself to Act Now…

Trying to change your reality and turn around your life may be frustrating. You’ll reach a point when you start to believe there is no way to change what you’re experiencing, you will loose hope and Stop.

This program is designed to literally tap into that part of you that has been sleeping until now. In order to achieve the success you want, the money you desire, and the life you’ve always dreamed of, it’s crucial that you awaken that specific part of your body.

You will UNLEASH the MOST POWERFUL and FREE version of yourself each and every day.

The FREEDOM and SUCCESS Inner Circle Includes:

3, 45-Minute One-on-One Coaching Calls Per Month—These calls are designed for continued support on a regular basis. You and Erika will work on your inner strengths. Together you’ll learn what your weaknesses are and how to overcome them.

FREEDOM and SUCCESS Index Assessment and Debrief – Identify your default tendencies in your life and in your business by using Energy Leadership Index’s™ 7 different levels of energy. Receive specific answers about why you feel like you do by exploring different situations in your life (romantic life and business life). You’ll also receive specific strategies on how to approach life and business from a higher level, how to attract higher-paying clients, and how to achieve higher results.

18 Exclusive Audios on Relationships, Mindset, Business and Life Changing Topics–You’ll receive 18 audio CDs that will help you transform in every area of your life.

Email Access to Erika—Many clients experience unexpected situations and scenarios that come up in between sessions. You can email Erika with your current situation and she’ll respond promptly with a probable solution. She can help you make decisions, create a plan, and find a solution to your current problem.

3 “As Needed” Emergency Calls – Is there something that just happened in your life or in your business that cannot wait until your next meeting with Erika? Do you need reassurance and/or clarity? Are you unsure of how to respond in one of your situations? You will have access to Erika’s personal number where you can reach her in your time of immediate need.

This program is a significant investment for most people. Please complete the application below and we’ll schedule an interview with you as soon as possible.


Erika loves when her clients are willing and able to make a decision to change their life for the better. If you know this program is for you and you’re ready to commit today, we can offer you our Fast-Acting Bonus. If you sign up now, you’ll receive a VIP Freedom and Success ½ Strategy Day! You’ll make tons of progress and receive complete clarity by taking a ½ day with Erika.

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